Creative Development

Storytelling. Scriptwriting.

Crafting a memorable connection
with your audience, through ideas
and content that matter.

With our Creative Development,
we make your story the
centre of attention.


Online. Corporate.

All kinds of flavours and styles
of filmmaking for multiple
mediums, highlighting many
shades of delicious eye candy.

With our Production, we peak
your interest, eyes and ears.

Post Production

Animation. Graphics.

Tailoring your shorts with our creative
touch, thanks to our latest software,
hardware and skilled professionals.

With our Post-Production,
we bring your brand to
a polished finish.

Employees of the month

Favourite Saying?
“What’s For Lunch?”

Favourite Shorts?
Big Fish

Favourite Sweet?
Polo Mint

Favourite Action?
*The Deadly Smile*

Favourite Shorts?
The Pianist

Favourite Sweet?
Pistachio Nougat

Favourite Action?
*Grammar Nazi*

Favourite Shorts?
The Legend of 1900

Favourite Sweet?
White Rabbit

Favourite Saying?

Favourite Shorts?

Favourite Sweet?
Jelly Beans


Shorts and Sweet Productions is a bite-sized production house bent on creating moving eye candy for clients and audiences everywhere. We provide a wide variety of tailor-made video production services, featuring a special layer of storytelling injected into each of our rich media experiences, keeping things fun, light-hearted and magical at their core.

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